Pastoral care


We believe that we are good at being welcoming, friendly and supportive. However, there are often needs that go beyond our Sunday connections.

Our Pastoral Care Task Group assists in the organising of the pastoral care network across our congregation. Many of our members find that they are well supported through the relationships that naturally form around groups and activities that they participate in.  However, some people feel a bit isolated from time to time and need specific support, either for a season or as an ongoing need. This is where our pastoral care team can assist.

Requests for visits or prayer

Prayer SupportSupport

An informal prayer network informs prayer at Church gatherings with a focus on prayer support following the 9.00am Sunday worship service, at the 10.30am Praise and Fellowship service on Wednesdays and in the prayer time at the Know Your Bible gathering on Thursdays. Prayer support can be requested through the Minister and members of the Pastoral Care team.

If you need assistance in working through life’s challenges and/or support in prayer please contact our Minister or a member of our Pastoral Care team, via our church office. Our new Pastoral Care coordinators are Rae Newman and Trevor Bail.

The monthly Taize service (at 6.30pm every second Sunday) provides a time for quiet contemplative prayer and worship.

weddingringsBaptisms, Dedications, Weddings & Funerals

We have a relaxed and supportive approach to services that mark life’s passages. We approach infant baptism as a celebration and we normally hold them as part of our combined service at 9.00am. Normally we avoid the 1st Sunday of the month so we do not clash with communion Sundays.

For baptisms, weddings or funerals please contact the Church Office or the Minister for details.