Mission and outreach

Our Mission Task Group coordinates the mission activities of the church both overseas and locally. At the present we support the following missionaries in their work sharing the good news of Jesus is practical and culturally appropriate ways.

Michelle Kallmier in Cambodia

08missionAThe WCUC sponsors and provides financial support for Michelle’s work in Cambodia under the auspices of WEC. Michelle’s latest activities and news from Cambodia can be found here “Eggshell Feb 2014″



Paul and Cha Flack in Thailand

10missionCThe WCUC provides financial support for Paul’s work which is currently focused on the Media video team which is developing a DVD for the Province of Chonburi in Thailand.



Work of SIM and the Fistula Clinic in Ethiopia

The WCUC has had a long association with work in Ethiopia dating from Jonathan and Barbara Geddes work over many years through SIM with the Mursi people. More recently, Winston and Rae Newman have been working in Addis Ababa with the SIM associated Bingham Academy and the Fistula Clinic established by Dr Catherine Hamelin.

Barnabas Ministries

Closer to home, the WCUC takes a close interest  and financial support for the work of one of its past Ministers and continuing  member of the congregation, the Rev Ross Kingham, who established Barnabas Ministries to  provide support for church leaders coping with the stress of their responsibilities. Barnabas Ministries is now headed by Sue Dunbar.


11KairosMembers of WCUC are active in the work of both Kairos Inside, taking the Christian message to those in prison, and Kairos Outside, providing assistance to the womenfolk of prisoners. If you would like to attend the Closing Ceremony of the fourth Kairos course at the Alexander Maconochie Centre please contact the Church.

Mirinjani Retirement Community

Members of WCUC are involved as residents and as volunteers in the life of the near by UnitingCare Ageing facility, including in assisting in running worship services