Our Structure

Since July 2013, we have adjusted our structure of governance to cater for the changing nature our community and a desire to encourage more people to contribute their energy and ideas to the day to day management of the church and it’s activities. As a result, we reduced the membership of council to 4 elected members, plus the minister. The task of the Council is to keep the BIG picture of the church and its future direction in mind, while supporting the 8 Task Groups in their ministry.

The following model gives an outline of the Task group structure and the initial responsibilities of each group.

Task group structure
Task group structure

Each Task Group is an open forum with an elected convenor (or more than one). People are encouraged to participate in as many Task Groups as they feel appropriate and can either be involved for an activity of that group or contribute to regular meetings, as their time and energy allows.

Task Group convenors attend Church Council twice yearly to report and receive support and encouragement from the Council. All Task Group convenors or their representatives attend a combined meeting annually to discuss the BIG picture, and how the various groups interrelate to each other.

Council and task groups met on 15 February 2014 to discuss the considerable work
that has been done to date by task groups. We explored what has been working
well, what can be improved and where we are heading into the future. The
meeting came up with a number of actions moving forward which are outlined here “Task Group Council Meeting 2014