Strategic Planning Responses

We would like to give members of the congregation every opportunity to respond to the 4 Questions  presented below

Question 1 – As a congregation why do we exist?

Question 2 – What do you think God wants to use us to do?

Question 3 – What would be lost if we ceased to exist?

Question 4 РWhat are the needs of the Community  around us?

A box for your responses is on the Foyer table.


Will there be a Craft Show?

Council has decided that we will not be holding a Craft Show this year or in the foreseeable future. After 26 years of running this very successful event we have had to accept our limitations. The Craft Show last year was one of our most successful but put a lot of pressure on our aging congregation members.

We have so enjoyed running the show, working with all the exhibitors, buying and selling the wonderful hand crafted items. Through their participation we have been able to give significant support to many charities local, national and international.

There will be a Service of Closure and Celebration with those who have been involved in the craft show over the 26 years it has operated on Sunday 15 July at 9.00AM.

Eggshell – News from Cambodia

eggshellThis is a key newsletter from me: my final news (and prayer points!) for this “season” and some thoughts about what is coming next…
Oh, and some fabulous photos. :)
With much love, and so much appreciation for all your love, support, prayer, encouragement, parcels of treats, and all the other things that have blessed me over my past 6.5 years here in Cambodia,