A little bit goes a long way! (A message from Dr Tim)

It’s amazing how far a little bit of kindness will go – when God takes control of our lives. It’s amazing how people can set things into motion in our lives – and start a movement. Like Free hugs – (altho9ugh you’ve got to wonder about free hugs). Not being a very touchy feely person – free hugs mean little to me….but there are times when we just need a bit of support.

Then there are random acts of kindness…I remember when I got my Master’s degree,  I travelled to Sydney Uni – got caught in a traffic jam and then had to find parking – then did not have coins for a parking meter.

Seeing my frustration – a man came over and put money in the meter for me – so that I could race to pick up my gown…I never met that man before or later…it was totally random – but I appreciated it. I went away that day wanting to help someone else.

It’s amazing how small amounts of good can change a person’s whole perspective on life. But then I thought about it – random acts are good – but it shouldn’t just be the exception – it’s meant to be a lifestyle.

Now sometimes it is hard to see the needs of others because we are so caught up with our own struggles. When things are not going well – when you seem like you are locked in with no way out…there is always something that you can change. Yourself!  Your attitude – your outlook – your expectation – your approach.

We can get ourselves locked into ways of doing things where we think that there is no way out.Sometimes the mess we get ourselves in is of our own doing – but sometimes it is out of our hands…at times like that it is easy to begin to grumble about the ways things are – and say how unfair it is.

A bit like Habakkuk’s (Chapter 1:1-4) complaint…how long must I be stuck in this situation…how long do I have to live with the injustice…

This strikes a chord with me – Aussies are motivated by justice – we desire a fair go…that everyone should get an equal chance…and when things are not fair – especially when they affect us directly we can react. We often look to blame our problems on others or on circumstances – or even God…because God is in control – then why does he allow these things to happen to me.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do the innocent suffer – when those who are not doing the right thing seem to get away with it? It makes it tempting to step off the right track…

CS Lewis said the problem of pain was the atheists most potent weapon against Christianity – either God is powerless to do something about it or is not the God of love who is concerned about our pain. Many people think this is a philosophical question – but in reality it is a faith question.

If we accept by faith that there is a problem of sin in the world and that all of us come under the influence of sin (Rom 3:23)…then we understand why Jesus needed to come into the world to reconcile us to God and restore the order that had been lost.

Until the time when everything will be made good – we live in a world that suffers from the consequences of our fallen nature…

The second thing – is that no matter what we are experiencing, when we trust that God is in control we believe that God will bring about his ultimately good purposes and use the difficulties for good – maybe not my good in the short term – but for the good of promoting the good news and bringing others into a relationship with him.


Habakkuk 2:4 says the righteous person will live by faith. Regardless of the situation they are experiencing, they will put their trust in God, even when things are looking bad (chapter 3), because they know that regardless of what they may be feeling at this time – God had proven himself to be trustworthy and faithful and can be relied on to fulfil is promises and purposes.

Some of us have experienced that. For others, we are in difficult positions and it is hard to see. But the encouragement for us is to remember that, no matter how painful the circumstances we are experiencing, God is loving; God is compassionate; God is kind; God is faithful and will carry you through. All we need to do is put your trust in his unfailing love.

That’s something we can do, pray and trust, and when we do we will begin to get a different perspective on the situations that we are going through.

God bless,

Dr. Tim