Monthly Archives: February 2014

Welcome back for 2014!


Welcome back to all. We trust that your Christmas celebrations and reflections have revitalised you for the coming year. The children are back at school and for those parents who sobbed at the gate as their 5 year olds headed off to big school, congratulations!

Playgroup has resumed (WILLY WAGTAILS – Tuesday from 09:30 AND BLUE WRENS PLAYGROUPS – Friday from 09:30) and the Youth Group is due to kick off the year with a bang on Friday 28th Feb with a Games Night  $5, 7:30-10pm @ the church.

The congregation will be holding a dinner on Saturday 1 March at 6.00 for 6.30 pm in the Genesis Hall to “Celebrate our Over Eighties”members of the Church family, thanking them for their many years of service to our congregation.

The latest news can be found in Weekly News Sheets archive or just click here Sunday 16 February, 2014