Church News

Church News

The latest News and Sermon Review can be found under Worship Services in the main menu or here. [more]


This will take place on Saturday 3 November starting at 9 am.  Although the church has some cleaning products, it would be helpful if some could be [more]

Strategic Planning Responses

We would like to give members of the congregation every opportunity to respond to the 4 Questions  presented below

Question 1 – As a [more]

Will there be a Craft Show?

Council has decided that we will not be holding a Craft Show this year or in the foreseeable future. After 26 years of running this very successful [more]

National Church Life Survey

If you’re interested in how we fit in the world please check out out survey results here [more]

Looking for a Playgroup

Looking for a Playgroup

Are you in need of somewhere for your little one to play? Could you use some time just to get a cup of coffee and have a chat with another who knows [more]


We are a community of Christian people, which was established in 1970, which is committed to worshipping and knowing God, being open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and sharing in one another’s joys and sufferings.

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Our community is made up of mutually accepting people where friendship, care, concern and healing in the love and grace of God are central to our lives.

Please join us at one of our regular worship services, or contact us for details of one of our other activities, groups, or services.

We can be contacted via our Church office on (02) 6287 1981 or